Rent reform in New York, California propels new wave of multifamily investors to Miami


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River Border Development LLC.

River Border Development

Another key acquisition for the highly anticipated River Border project and its principal, Hugo Perera, closed this week. River Border Development LLC, a Florida limited liability company, completed the acquisition of an additional 7,500 square foot lot in the Little Havana area for the project known as River Border. Its principal, Hugo Perera, announced revised projections for River Border that would include a greater commercial component to the existing project which has current zoning allowing 112 residential units, but Mr. Perera stated that talks with the City have progressed well and the total number of units, once the plans are finalized will be closer to 200 units. Projections for the continued need for multifamily rental units in East Little Havana and the current strength of the multifamily market in the area continue to fuel the desire to satisfy the demand.




Hugo Perera, principal of HMV LLC, released renderings and plans for the development of a 72 unit residential project located at 1660 NW 19 Terrace. Mr. Hugo Perera who is active in multifamily development in the area and has other projects in various stages of development in the City of Miami will be developing this site in response to the need for workforce housing created by the greater University of Miami Jackson hospital medical campus. Slated development and the creation of the jobs which come with large-scale developments and medical campuses has created a need for workforce housing in the immediate area. The project will also include ground floor retail and commercial spaces for lease. Hugo Perera states that the project in the planning and permitting phase with plans are to break ground in 2018.


Exotic Agronomics Enterprises

PG & Associates is the holding company for Exotic Agronomics Enterprises, Inc. responsible for growing, harvesting and selling anywhere from 800 to one million pounds of exotic fruits annually throughout the USA.

For over two decades, Hugo Perera has been at the helm of the production at his Miami-Dade County farmlands growing exotic fruits which include mamey, sapodilla (Nispero)  and soursop. 


Transportation Solutions

As a prolific entrepreneur, when Hugo Perera, founder of PG & Associates, identifies a need in the market, he is quick to find an intelligent solution to address the void in the marketplace. Due to this vision, today Hugo Perera transports over 400 workers to and from constructions sites to alleviate the parking challenges around urban developments.

Developers in urban neighborhoods are regularly challenged with providing ample parking for a large number of construction workers needed on any given project. We provide the parking lots for the employees to safely station their vehicles, coupled with the transportation logistics to and from the parking lot to the construction site, for hundreds of workers to arrive at their job sites on time each day.