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How urban development trends will influence mental and physical health.

In PG & Associates projects, we have sought innovation and high technology in the urban development sector over the years, which is why we bring you the latest information on trends in this area of development. With active creativity for the future and well-being of city dwellers, as well as some interesting facts about our history as a company. Currently, more than 50% of people in the world live in urban areas, and it is necessary to propose solutions for the moment in which this percentage grows exponentially. Long before the emergence of PG & Associates in 2003, Hugo Perera, its founder, had already been a promoter of a very considerable number of development projects in Miami, even before it was considered an economic and entertainment epicenter in the world. Part of the architecture of many residential areas, such as Art Deco style condominiums in Miami, as well as the introduction of the modern style, were developed by Hugo Perera. Bringing this experience in urban development, we have developed PG & Associates projects based on trends aimed at the needs of urban dwellers. Next, we will present some key trends in urban development today and how they will influence one of the most serious problems today due to its exponential growth, and mental, and physical health.   Trends in urban development in the following years Technology has made possible great changes in the approaches to urban projects. Let’s see how urban development trends will influence mental and physical health today and in a near future. Ecologic Cities It is a subject that could be considered very hackneyed, perhaps you may think that writing about ecology is unnecessary or a topic for hippies, but it is as serious as the gradual loss of drinking water in the world. CO2, the fourth most abundant gas on earth, is one of the most harmful to health, not only because of the effects it produces on the lungs and the decrease in oxygen levels throughout the body, but because it is gradual damage with severe consequences in the future. Lack of concentration, headaches, and decreased concentration are some of the symptoms that obviously lead to physical and emotional illness. Today’s urban designers constantly think about this problem, so the urban designs of the future will surely have a lot of botany in their designs. From trees in the streets to green roofs, and reforestation of many spaces damaged by exploitation, to reduce the high CO2 emissions.   Cars are part of this huge problem, so much so that, on average, there are 2.28 vehicles in American homes, according to a study by Experian. In other words, for every home, there are approximately 2 cars generating carbon dioxide. This leads us to think that a redesign of cities is necessary for a type of vehicle that is currently booming, the electric car. Electric Cars The growing consumption of electric vehicles is a good indicator of people’s awareness since carbon dioxide emissions are zero in battery-powered motors. The mechanics of these cars is totally different, so the industries are now different from those of fuel vehicle components, which implies a restructuring of the automotive industrial sectors. In cities, now the locations of recharging centers will have to be efficiently designed, which will have a very different dynamic from gas stations. The ranges of electric cars are different from fuel vehicles, so restructuring is essential. Data-Driven Cities Data is the future because it will tell us what to do and why. Part of the projects for cities of the future is that, in each sector of the city, there are receivers of people’s behaviors and life dynamics, to capture key data and improve urban planning. You can be at a bus stop, and the stop can detect through cameras if you are tired, or you are discouraged, even if you find waiting comfortable. This data can help urban designers determine valuable decisions such as stop location, stop design, and more. Proper urban design is essential for people’s emotional well-being. Isn’t it nice to leave a difficult day at work and have the bus stop close to your office? Or that the roads quickly connect you to a place of entertainment rest? That you can go out with your family comfortably to a well-designed park? Smart Buildings With the growing population in urban areas, engineers and developers are focused on improving interior infrastructure designs. An intelligent space, which adapts to different types of families and with everything necessary to live comfortably and without excessive space, is a goal of the future. There are modern concepts such as the tiny house, which starts from the fact of having a very comfortable space, with relaxing and minimalist visual elements, but in small spaces, easy to modify to taste and to maintain. These minimalist concepts will ensure fewer risks of incidents within homes, safeguarding people’s physical health. Currently, there are many trends that focus on interior design, pursuing the goal of providing tranquility, security, and versatility to those who live in these buildings. Efficient Cities You no longer must go to many places for the things you need. Currently, it is seen booming how artificial intelligence can assist you in inquiries from your bank, order a product and receive it at the door of your house, or even remind you of valuable things that you must do. In the future this will be everyday life, you will be able to do all your errands from the internet in the comfort of your home, including remote work, which will imply a redesign of the infrastructure of cities. We will see these and other trends in urban development in the coming years. To stay informed about more interesting topics, comment to us, follow us on social networks, and share which of the trends has caught your attention the most.

One of the best places to live in the United States in 2023

weWhat is one of the best places to live in the United States? PG & Associates, under the management of Hugo Perera will answer it briefly. First, you should know that this is a subjective matter, since it depends mainly on the tastes of everyone. However, if you are a lover of good music, the best food, visual arts, and places to relax or have fun in the Hispanic style, then look no further; Miami is one of the best places to live in the United States. At PG & Associates, we recognize paradisiacal places in terms of urban Development, and that is why we bring you this magnificent life option. Next, we will argue the statement made in the previous paragraphs. Therefore, you will be convinced that Miami is undoubtedly at the top of one of the best places in the United States in 2023.   Little Havana As we have already mentioned, Little Havana is a neighborhood of Miami in Miami-Dade County. This place, declared a national treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, received its name from the concentration of Cubans in 1960.   Let’s see the most relevant characteristics of this beautiful place with a high urban development rate.   Culture A strong point of the whole theme is the cultural sphere since Little Havana combines all the Hispanic cultures due to the crossroads of many Latin American people. The aroma of good coffee and food is displayed in every corner, as are the beautiful visual exhibits and Caribbean music. Rentals If you want to rent, there is something for everyone, hotels, houses, condominiums, and apartments. The price to rent is approximately $2500 on average. In recent years there has been a notable growth in leases because apart from being a good place to live near downtown Miami, it has a unique tourist attraction.   Property acquisition If, on the contrary, the desire is to acquire property to live or invest, there is no better opportunity. Properties, on average, cost $450,000, and their value is appreciating so much that investors in this area have an annual return of approximately 18.6%.   Tourist places In this section, we must mention Calle Ocho, the main street and the center of all iconic activities. In the same way, we must say the Domino Park, where recreation is guaranteed, and you will likely find people playing the exciting domino game.   Gastronomic places We have a huge variety of options, of which we can highlight Versalles, considered one of the best Cuban restaurants in the world. We also get the best taste of coffee at Latin Café 2000; at the same time, you can visit Ball & Chain, which is baryonic with live music and has the best mojitos in the entire city. After having been in a place like Little Havana in Miami, we can see that it is indeed one of the best places in the United States for those who identify with or like Hispanic culture. We have that more people rent and buy properties every year since the market values are very striking; in addition to having tourist attractions and interesting gastronomic places, Little Havana is positioned as a growth area in ​​urban Development.

Why is Real Estate a better investment than cryptocurrency for 2023?

It is no coincidence that at PG & Associates, we focus on the Real Estate business. Real Estate has been one of the most profitable businesses of all time since, despite its significant falls, it always recovers its relevance and gives almost permanent benefits to those who own the assets. When Hugo Perera decided to found PG / Associates in Miami, he had in mind the enormous demand for urban development, not only for people looking for places to live but also for those who understood the importance of putting their money into a particular asset. Many people need to understand financial security, so they invest their capital in unsupported assets and anonymous sources. In recent years, like the Real Estate market, cryptocurrency trading has been of interest to those who want to be part of this ecosystem. However, certain factors make the balance lean toward the side of good roots in 2023. Hugo Perera knew it, and today’s experts affirm it: Real Estate is the better investment. These two forms of investment, Real Estate, and cryptocurrencies, have very marked differences, but they are significant when deciding to invest; this is exactly where we find those strengths that make one of them better. We will not talk about these strengths without first knowing the following considerations: Experts in the investment area, such as Mark Mobius, who has already been right on several occasions about the fall of cryptocurrencies, announce that for this year, the price of bitcoin could fall to $10,000 due to the policies implemented by the US Federal Reserve. This would replicate a fall in the other cryptocurrencies. It is essential to highlight some of the Real Estate market trends for this year; firstly, the housing inventory is growing; on the other hand, the annual value of the houses continues to increase, and online Real Estate services are growing. All these trends make an investment in this area very attractive. Many Real Estate experts advise projecting your investment using online mortgage calculation, in addition to possible price predictions in different sectors of the United. States, as this can help you make the best decision when investing. The point is, even if a person pays dearly, he will always have his money in a tangible good. Have you been considering investing in these assets? We will take a detailed look at the main characteristics that make Real Estate a high bidder, so let’s look at these assets. What are Real Estate and cryptocurrencies? In case you don’t know Investing in the Real Estate market is the acquisition for a particular time of a percentage or the entirety of a property to manage, rent or sell it, and the investment is also in paying for its maintenance. However, it is crucial to understand that everyone needs a place to live and work, so Real Estate will always be a good deal. On the other hand, investment in cryptocurrencies is the purchase and sale of digital currencies that use cryptography as a means of security for their transactions, these are marked in the chain of blocks, and they do not have an issuing or regulatory entity, for which Rather, they use a decentralized system for operations and the issuance of new units.   Differences that put Real Estate above As we mentioned at the beginning, the differences presented below are the ones that give evidence that the Real Estate sector is better for investing. In addition, some data and studies reveal that after the pandemic, Real Estate purchase and sale operations are increasing. Security Care! Digital currencies are vulnerable to cyber-attacks; in the same way, theft of keys to enter digital wallets could occur; this makes the Real Estate sector more secure and earns points. Tangibility Tangible assets have proven to be the largest asset class in the world. The purchase of properties allows us to see and touch what is being obtained, which is why Real Estate is tangible, unlike cryptocurrencies which are not since everything is entirely digital, which sometimes causes operational failures. Cash flow Something positive and quite different is that a property acquired and put up for rent generates a constant and stable income. Investing in crypto only generates profits if its value increases for a possible sale. Volatility In general, there are better choices than volatile assets when it comes to investing. Attention! Cryptocurrencies can increase by thousands of dollars in a few months, but they can also fall similarly. Instead, properties are slowly but surely rising in value. Bubble Assets that exceed their price for reasons outside their nature are called bubble assets. Cryptocurrency prices are very high at times. This sometimes happens because of a non-real value, but rather because of unnatural components, which causes cryptocurrency prices to generate mistrust. At the same time, Real Estate does not behave in this way. Government regulations In this area, cryptocurrency trading can be a tool for tax evasion, money laundering, and black-market operations, which is very difficult to happen with Real Estate. Thus, some governments could restrict or prohibit the use of cryptocurrency in their country.